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Dealing with a disrespectful childWe cannot expect our children to be model children all the time. They have feelings just like we do and many children find it hard to keep those feelings under control. When they don’t, they can hurt people with their words and can be very disrespectful.

So, how do we deal with a child who is like this? Who fuels our emotional fire and makes us want to shout at them, ‘That is not how I bought you up – don’t disrespect me?

Here are a couple of ideas on how to deal with a disrespectful child:

When you are angry walk away. It is better to walk away than enter into an argument with them and then regret later what you say. You will be angry and if you feel you cannot control your emotions, tell your child that you feel angry and that right now you have to leave the room to calm down. However, you will come back  and talk to them about it.

When you do go back to them know what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. Children often feel that they aren’t listened to enough or that their opinions are valid, so when you go and speak with them – listen properly! Don’t interrupt, ask how they feel, what they wanted you to do, what they wanted to do and how things can be different next time so they don’t speak to you in that way again.

Teach them how to speak to you with respect and respect the boundaries you set. You won’t be able to stop them being a rebel but you can teach them how to speak to others in the way they like to be spoken to.

How have you dealt with your disrespectful child? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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