Children Desiring More

Is it normal to want everything you see? Desiring everything you see? Lots of us do. Is it healthy? Some may say it is, others may say not.

For many of us there is always something we want. Unfortunately we don’t stop yearning for something as we get older. Most of us aren’t satisfied with what we have and crave the next thing.

We shouldn’t really. We should be satisfied with our lot and it is a trait that many parents should be passing onto their children. They should not be desiring everything and understand that they cannot have what isn’t theirs. What can we do to help them with this?

Three Tips to Curb The Desire for More!

Talk to your children about what they want and why. How is it going to be useful to them? What are the benefits of that thing? Is it really necessary? Help your child to decide if that desired item is something he or she really needs.

Remind your child what they do have. How many of x and y? Is this object of desire similar to what they already have?

Don’t talk about what you want next and don’t moan about what you don’t have. Show your child that you are happy with what you have and don’t speak of what others have too. You don’t want to raise a child who is envious or jealous.

Our attitudes to possessions and buying things for ourselves and our children can rub off on them, so make sure you are modelling the behaviour you’d like to see.

Have you tried any other ways to help curb your child’s desire for more? Did it decrease their desire at all or did they still want their item?

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