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Bullies and the New School TermAfter taking a week off work I returned to some great articles that had been written in the media. There were many about the new school term and I was keen to post something about this before the term started. One article caught my eye more than others –  it relates to bullying and I think you should all read it.

The summer term is a great relief for many children who get bullied at school. They can get away from the situation and forget about it for a while. However, as the new term approaches they start to get anxious about going back to school. Some of those children have told their parents and are working together with the school to stop it. Some of it may stop – we hope all of it will.

Helping children deal with bullying

Unfortunately not all children tell their parents they are being bullied and try to deal with it themselves. You may have your suspicions it is happening but can’t get your child to admit it is.

Please have a read of the article “Bullying – What if you’re child won’t tell?”  to make yourselves familiar with the signs to look for and what you can do. I love the way the article addresses bullying depending on the age of the child and there is some great advice.

Just like our children have had a break from school and are gearing to go back, we need to get back in tune with the child we know during the school term, so we can identify and help them with any problems they are having with bullies.

Have you had experience of dealing with bullying? How did you discover it was happening and has it stopped? 


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