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Positive Change Takes Time
Change happens and it happens every second of every day. We are in one place, one frame of mind and then in another. We can be happy one minute and sad the next. Change can be good and it can be bad – depending on your frame of mind.

We all like positive change though don’t we? Especially when we can see or know there will be benefits of the change.

So why then, are we so impatient about getting to the place we want to be? When we know we have to make a change for the better we would rather it happened there and then – we don’t want to wait for it to happen or have to put lots of effort in. We can be lazy and so can our children! 

Teach children the importance of patience!

We need to teach our children when they do get impatient with a situation that it does take time for positive change to happen and that they need to hang in there. It may take days or even weeks but hanging in and remaining strong is important. Tenacity and persistence are two life skills that children need to have.

Positive change can make a child feel uncomfortable or nervous but once they start to implement the change and see good things happening hopefully that will give them that strength to continue with the progress made. Positive change does take time.

Perhaps you could share a story with them of a situation that you stuck out and was worth it in the end? Let me know how you get on! 


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