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Being disagreeable has its benefits in some situations. It is great if a child can stand up for what they want and believe in (rather than keep quiet), and is able to challenge others in a confident way. It has its place, in some situations, however it won’t always bring your child friends and it sometimes won’t help in family relationships either. In some circumstances it would be much easier for your child to get on with doing something, or agree with what is going on, rather that working against the system. It won’t provoke an adverse reaction in the people around them.

But there is also something to be said for a child that is too agreeable. If your child is too agreeable, they may be complacent and get walked all over by others. They will also not have had any practice in making their own decisions and standing up for what they believe in. Both of which are incredibly important in life.

So how do we help our child find balance and be less disagreeable about everything and more agreeable?

Helping Children Be More Agreeable

  • Encourage them to make choices for themselves
  • Role model agreeing with your spouse and seeing things from their perspective
  • Show them that we trust and respect them and their decisions
  • Get them to think more of others and their needs
  • Work together more as a family and get them to see the benefits of teamwork

Try out these tips with your child to help them see that there are benefits of working with others and not always being disagreeable!

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