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Storytelling - solving problems for childrenWhen working with primary school aged children, I often find myself telling them a story about fictional characters or about my life as a child to illustrate a point.

For example, a child may find making friends difficult, so I will tell them a story about children who also found it tough to make friends and the strategy they used to create friendships.

I do this so the children see that they are not the only ones to have this type of problem.  Other children have felt the same way and there are solutions out there. Once I have told the story I ask the child to suggest other solutions that  the child in the story could have used. This gets their creative minds working.

The Power of Story-telling

Often it is so much easier for a child to see a situation through somebody else’s story/experience rather than their own. After I’ve told the story we go back to the child’s problem and start to come up with solutions to deal with the issue they are concerned about. As they had already been coming up with solutions for the fictional character, they should then find it easier to come up with some for themselves.

I love the magic of telling children stories as well as sharing my experiences of growing up. The children like to see me as a parent who was once a child who also had to navigate the choppy waters of growing up.

Next time your child needs to solve a problem and finds themselves stuck, share a story. You don’t even have to tell them how it got resolved.  Get them to make suggestions of what they would have done in your situation and they’ll be half-way to solving their own problem!

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