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Encourage Confident Learning

Learning is such a great thing. Learning all about the world and how life works should be enjoyable and exciting. Children should feel confident in the knowledge that they are doing well at school and confident that they are able to learn.

But not every child does. They don’t feel confident. They don’t feel able. In fact, according to a recent survey 1 in 5 children doubt their ability and don’t think that they are good learners. 

This boils down to children having low self-esteem and low confidence. They don’t think they are doing well and there are many different reasons why children feel like this.  It is a parents  job to help them feel more capable and know that they are doing well.

The article, One in Five Children Doubt Their Abilities as Learners also highlights that a fifth of students feel negatively about school. I think that is quite high and I would like to know why that is. Is it because they don’t feel capable, they don’t feel motivated to learn or the teachers have not  made the subjects interesting enough for them? Is it due to teachers not recognising the talent and enthusiasm of some students and not bringing out the best of them?

It is such a shame that not all children like school. School has a great effect on a child’s mental health and so we need to change negative experiences. We can all play our part by talking about school with our children and working in partnership with the schools so that the enjoyment level is increased for our children.

Does your child enjoy learning at school? If not, what is making it a negative experience for them and what can you do to change things? I’d love to hear your comments…




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One Response to Encourage Learning with Confidence

  1. J Patel says:

    Son is in Yr 7.
    Last 5 weeks have taken a major turn downhill – he’s pretty much refusing to go to school. To put some context into this – we’ve sat in the school car park for 2hrs trying to get him to go in. At this point – the only indication we have as an issue is with him not liking school. No indication of bullying. He does state / mention he feels “dumb”, “stupid”. He has fallen behind with some things as he’s not been well and has had a number of appointments at the eye hospital. His attendance level is now below 70%. However I feel there is more to this situation with confidence and self esteem…
    Having started to do some reading online – EBSR seems to align with the situation we find ourselves in…

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