“WOW” Board for Grown Ups – The Parenting Tool

As parents we all need to feel that we are doing a good job and when it feels tough we need to remind ourselves that we have the power to pull through to the other side. Parenting is not easy – there are many daily challenges and we need to persist to overcome them and not let the challenges beat us.  To keep our momentum going when parenting, we can document what is working well to remind us of how far we have come.

The benefits of using the ‘WOW’ board for grown ups:

  • It prompts parents to remember what has worked well
  • It helps them reflect on their day and week in a positive light
  • It gets them to recognise even the smallest of change in themselves or their children
  • It allows them to set weekly parenting goals

So, how do you use the “WOW” Board?

At the end of the day once your children are in bed write down what was “good”, what was “great” and what was “WOW” about your day. “Good” may be that your children listened to you when you asked them to do something, “Great” could be that you walked away when you felt angry and “WOW” may be that your children went to bed when you asked them the third time.

Try to think of something positive to put in each box no matter how small you feel the progress is. It could be something that you are trying to change in your child or yourself. There is a box on the board for you to add a parenting goal for each week should there be a particular thing you want to focus on when parenting. For example, your goal may be to spend 15 minutes with each of your children at bed time. Having a parenting goal is not compulsory but it may help you to concentrate on one area of parenting at a time and the goal could change every week, month or whenever you feel you have reached it.

Keep it Safe

Keep the “WOW” board safe but somewhere that will remind you of how the previous day went. So, even if today is not going as well as you would like it to you can reflect on yesterday and see that progress was made.

There are six months of “WOW” pages within this pack.

Buy the WOW Board for Grown-ups

 £14.99 PLUS P+P 

For retailers and organisations who would like to buy in bulk discounts are given. Please contact naomi@thekidscoach.org.uk.


What do Parents Say about the WOW Board for Grown-Ups

“A useful tool to aid positive parenting – having a child with special needs you find yourself focusing on what went wrong rather than the positive parts of raising a child. This board helped me find the good in every part of our day and remember what matters and what worked and had a positive effect.”
Mum to child with SEN.

“I really enjoyed using the WOW board and will continue to use it. Actually my daughter found it useful as if I had a board for her she would deem it a demand and may struggle to conform to expected behaviour or to discuss the positives if she had a hard day. As I have a board she likes reading it and finding out what I found positive and rewarding.”
Tracey, London

“I love this. As a mother of 4 sometimes a good day is still being able to crack a smile when lots goes wrong. It’s so nice to be able to concentrate on something positive each day and look for the good in our parenting. Successes, no matter how small, are still successes. This would have been fantastic for me when I had Postnatal Depression. Hope that those who can really benefit from it hear about it.”
Alex, Mum.

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