young girl holding teddy

This Christmas holiday is not going to be like any other we have ever experienced. With tier and rule changes, many plans have been cancelled and it has been difficult for parents to find alternative things to do with their children. It’s been disappointing for children to have their social plans quashed. Regardless of age, we all feel the same. How are the holidays going to look and will our children be okay? I can guarantee that they will be okay if parents are positive around them. If they feel upbeat then they will too. Parents can put into action a few things. They can google what there is to do in the local area with their children or even set them with that task. What can they find to do that interests them so they feel invested in the activities?  What you can do will depend on the tier your part of the country is in. If you’re in a Tier 4 area, plan outside activities like walks and bicycle rides. Or look online to see what pantos and shows are streaming live events.  Maybe you’ve got a project you’ve been meaning to start at home. It certainly is going to be a different kind of holiday.

Why not plan two or three highlights for the holidays that children (and the rest of the family) can look forward to?

Planning A Different Kind Of Holiday Together

Discuss with your children how each day is going to look? When can they have lazy days and when will they be able to see friends or family? If the rules don’t allow indoor visits, can you meet outside? Or perhaps they could talk online instead? Help them to see that there will be a bit of this and that and it won’t be the same every day. Variety is good. Perhaps parents can make a schedule to put on the kitchen wall so their children can see what is going on.

I have been hearing a lot of ‘people saying “I can’t” about what they aren’t able to do. Let’s change that mindset too, “what can I do?’ and look at the Christmas break as an opportunity to do something different.

What are your plans for the Christmas holidays? Whatever you do, I hope you have a great time! Leave a comment to tell me how your family is adapting this year.