blackboard with lightbulbs and the word mindset

There are many life situations that we just have to accept, even if we don’t want to be in them. We might want to run away from these situations, but we shouldn’t. All situations are learning experiences and we should teach our children this.

Children need to accept the situation for what it is and then learn to work with it. Dealing with difficult situations is a valuable life lesson and will help children to feel more in control of their lives. It will also give them more confidence in themselves.

Develop a Positive Outlook on Situations

For example, if there is a child who does not like your child, they can choose to be polite to them when they are near but also keep away from them in the playground. They can deal with the other child when they have to, but try to limit interactions if they know it will lead to conflict.

Or perhaps they are in the lower set for a subject. They may not be able to change that if there is no room in a higher set, or if everyone else ‘gets’ the work more. What they can do is accept ‘it’s okay to be in the bottom set because I do find it challenging’. It’s OK to not be the best at everything! If they feel there is room for improvement in the subject, they could also decide to study more and improve their marks.

Maybe they don’t have many friends. They can either dwell on the fact they don’t have enough friends or they can enjoy the friends that they do have. They can make arrangements to do fun things with their friends or, if they really are lonely, make a plan for activities where they might meet new people.

Once your child has this more positive mindset, they will be happier and enjoy life more as they feel more in control of their thoughts and their feelings. They are learning to not allow their negative head to interfere with who they are and what they represent.