Back to School, girl sitting on schoolbooksSome children love school. In fact, most of the children I know do. They love the learning, social interaction or both so when it comes to starting a new school year they are happy to waltz right in picking up where they last left off with their friends and their work. It won’t be the same for all children though. Some children may start to feel a little bit anxious a few weeks before the new term.  They may not say how they are feeling but they can play it out in the way they act. Actions speak louder than words as they say.

If you normally have a happy go lucky child who suddenly does one or more of the following: Tantrums more, has trouble sleeping, complains of headaches or stomach ache, becomes more withdrawn, hides their feelings more, gets angry easily or is moody. It may be a sign of their back to school anxiety. Noticed how your child behaves as they approach the new school year and try to address any changes in behaviour.

How To Deal With Back To School Worries

If they are anxious talk to your children and let them know it’s normal to feel this way. Encourage them to get in a few early nights before the term starts and have some down time as both will help keep their stress levels down. Get them to share their worries with you and challenge those worries so they turn into positives. Finally, don’t let their anxieties become your own. Keep calm, cool and relaxed. Once they have had a few days back in the classroom they will hopefully re-settle and wonder what they were worrying about. How have you dealt with their school year anxieties in the past?

For more on preparing your child for going back to school see my blog on ‘Preparing your child for the new school term’ or feel free to get in touch with me so we can get your child school ready.

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