Teaching children life skillsChildren go to school to learn and socialise. They learn Maths, English and all the subjects that are going to broaden their knowledge about the world and give them the life skills they need to get on academically, and also (to some extent) socially and emotionally.

There is however, only so much time in the school day making it impossible to teach children EVERYTHING that is going to be useful to them once they leave school. Lots of learning has to come from us, at home.

So what life skills should we explore with our children so they are more prepared for the big wide world?

Using my experience of working with children in my coaching practice, I have come up with a list of 10 things that I feel children should be taught at home to prepare them for adult life

10 Life Skills to Teach Children:

  1. How to budget
  2. Understand the value of money
  3. Basic first aid
  4. The ability to focus on one thing at a time
  5. Understanding and accepting other people
  6. How to cook simple meals
  7. How to start and complete projects without giving up
  8. How to understand their own feelings, thoughts, actions, stress levels
  9. The ability to solve problems
  10. Managing their time on their own

I feel that these are the essential skills they require when they are running their own home, as well as dealing with relationships and their own personal development.

What other life skills would you add?


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4 Responses to Ten Life Skills We Need to Teach Children at Home

  1. Martin Moorcroft says:

    I think these are all really useful skills to learn. Perhaps you could add organisational skills-how to organise themselves and their activities.
    Planning and evaluating the success or otherwise of an activity.

  2. Naomi says:

    Martin – yes a great one to add. Children need to learn how to organise themselves and their time from an early age.

  3. Sharon Wood says:

    Hi Naomi, yes, these are great skills to start of with. Good luck with your programs!

  4. Sharon thank you. There is lots going on here. My plan is to provide tools for families to use to grow independent, responsible, healthy self-esteemed children.

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