One friend

Why is it that some children like the comfort of being in a group but aren’t very comfortable with one friend?

  • Is it knowing that the more people there are the less interaction they’ll have to make?
  • Is it to blend into the background?
  • Is it just more fun to be with a group?
  • Is it scary to just be with one person? 

For some children, it is really scary to just be with one friend because it makes them feel pressure. The pressure that they don’t have enough to say and that the conversation isn’t going to flow or that they don’t feel they are able to entertain them. 


I say yes. Children are not always going to be in situations where they are in a group, and therefore we need to encourage our children to be comfortable with one friend. The child will get to know the friend much better, by doing this. as they will have the time to ask them questions, banter, share humour and develop a deeper friendship. Reassure them it is okay if there are a few awkward silences. It is better to have those than to nervously fill the silence. They may not feel very confident at first but, once they have a go, they will gain confidence and realise that being with one person is not that scary. After all, that person is also in their friendship group and they are friends!

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