Being Me And Loving It Cover We are getting closer to P-day. The P as in publication day for my new book – Being Me (And Loving It)It has been a hard slog to get to the point of a nearly finished manuscript and we (myself and co-author Julia Hague) are almost there. I’ve had the chance to see it one more time before it goes off to print and I have fallen in love again whilst reading it. I know it will be so useful and helpful to all those working with primary school aged children. Parents can also use it at home. I love the collection of stories that have been written and the activities that go with them. The topics we have chosen to write about reflect the issues children encounter in the 21st Century.

The Being Me (And Loving It) Cover

I think the biggest challenge has been the cover. What do you put on it when you are trying to represent everything the book contains? How do you make it look friendly and inviting enough so teachers will pick it up and parents will want this unique book that will help them address issues that their children may be experiencing? What words encapsulate everything inside?

I hope we have managed to achieve this in the final cover. The three children represent the age range of who the book is to be used with (5-11 years old). They all have shadows to convey that everyone has shadows and reflections of ourselves. Children need to be able to accept their shadows and the shape of who they are (metaphorically speaking). The rainbow colours in the title show that there is always light at the end of the rainbow, there is always hope that things can get better and that life should be fun and colourful.

The content is so rich that we hope the 15 words in the subtitle give you a good taste as to what is inside. This is a book like no other, and parents – this is just as much for you as it is for teachers. We all want to promote resilience in children and empower them…

In 7 weeks you will be able to get your hands on a copy. If you can’t wait that long then you can always take advantage of pre-ordering on Amazon here.