Auntie cuddling childrenAunties and Uncles are fantastic people and they can be of huge benefit in your children’s lives.  So, if they aren’t already involved somehow, find a way of getting them involved. The role of an Auntie or Uncle is very different to that of Mum and Dad and the benefit of Aunties and Uncles are huge. They can really help with the development and upbringing of a niece or nephew.

The Benefit Of Aunties And Uncles Is Endless

  1. They can be a great support in troubled times.  If your child does not want to talk to you they can go to their auntie or uncle. It can sometimes be less embarrassing speaking to them especially if it’s really personal or maybe even about you!
  2. They can teach your children about life from a different perspective.  They may have different values and be interested in other areas of life that you aren’t.
  3. They can give amazing advice as they see things more objectively from their mum and dad.
  4. They are trustworthy (hopefully) and will keep confidences
  5. They can be wonderful listeners something we are not always good at.
  6. They can be good role models who can teach them life skills and how to behave. They can also allow them to have experiences that parents may not be too worried to let them take part in. (Nothing illegal!)
  7. They can help build the character of your child as they can often see things in your child that you may not have noticed so can help to develop some of those strengths.
  8. They also can play a role in how your child feels about themselves. Your children will have more people who believe in them and see the wonderful traits they have.

There are so many benefits of aunties and uncles. Perhaps a sleepover at theirs or an afternoon hanging out with them is in order.

Do your children have good relationships with their aunties and uncles (whether ‘real’ relatives or ‘adopted’ ones)? What do both the children and the adults gain from the relationship? Leave your comments as I’d love to hear them.