Boosting Positive Mental Health in Teens, self-Identity

I have been wanting to do something on boosting mental health and children for a while now. Some kind of an event or a book. Why? Because mental health is something that comes up often in my coaching sessions. Many children do not know about the importance of exercise, find stress difficult to manage and have little knowledge of sleep and nutrition. All children need to know about how to find balance in their daily lives and that they need to take care of both their body and their brain. If they don’t, things can go a bit topsy turvy. Tiredness will affect their mood at home and at school, diet will affect their energy levels and the response of their body, lack of exercise will not keep them fit and their heart in good shape and all children need to know how to relax and de-stress.

Boosting Mental Health In Children

I joined forces with Richard Curtis who is an Author, parenting futurist and leading behaviour expert in August. He also has a great interest in children’s well-being and we decided to write something for parents on mental health in pre-teens and teenagers. We have written three short ebooks that can be downloaded onto kindle so that parents can teach their children how to take good care of themselves and they can encourage good mental health habits.

Cover - Boosting Positive Mental Health in Teens - Self Identity

Book 1 is on ‘Knowing who you are’

Cover - Boosting Mental Health in Teenagers - Part 1

Book 2 is about ‘Well-being’

Cover - Boosting Mental Health in Teens - Part 3 - Support Networks

Book 3 is on ‘Support Networks’


As you know I don’t work very much with teenagers so Richard has had a greater input where they are concerned and I have used my knowledge as a life coach for primary aged and pre-teen children.

Each book is easy to read and includes ideas you can use with your children. They are short, concise and incredibly helpful. Please do have a look at the ebooks and the reviews of the books so far so you know what we are talking about.

We are selling them on Amazon for just 99p at present, so buy them now before they go the regular price of £2.99 each.  For more information and the links to Amazon, see my website page about the ebooks.