building a child's self-esteem, mother and daughter talking together

The words low self-esteem and confidence are ones that I hear regularly from parents who contact me. They want their child to be more confident – speak up more in class, tell others what they want, feel more confident about their actions. They want their child to like themselves more and have a brighter outlook on life and be positive about their achievements. There are many strategies that I use with both sets of children in order to build a child’s self-confidence. I say both sets as some children are super-confident but don’t have great self-esteem and vice-versa. When it comes to building your child’s self-confidence parents can really help.

Five Things Parents Can Do To Build A Child’s Self-confidence

  1. Parents can raise their child’s confidence by spending time with them – playing games, chatting etc. Anything that shows them that they like being with them and enjoy their company.
  2. They can listen to and respect their child’s opinions. That will make their child feel that what they are saying is important to their parent and that they are interested.
  3. Parents can acknowledge the effort that their child is putting into an activity and celebrate what their child is achieving. It will make the child feel good about their effort and their talent being recognised.
  4. They can give their child jobs to do in the home. When a child takes responsibility and sees that they are helpful to others their confidence can rise.
  5. Parents can discuss with their child where they don’t feel so confident and role play out those situations or walk them through what they can do to get through an experience they are worried about. Whilst doing so, acknowledge their feelings of fear.

Confidence is a skill we all want our children to have. Using the ideas above can boost your child’s. There are so many more but why not try these ones out?

I’d love to know how you get on and your own personal tips for raising a child’s confidence.

If you feel that you could use with a little help raising your child’s self-confidence please give me a call on 07961312749.