The word 'Victim' spelled out in wooden letters

Why is it always me? Why does everything happen to me? Why is everyone always nasty to me?” These kind of statements normally come out of a victim’s mouth. That victim does not necessarily have to be an adult but it can also be a child and they say these things because they feel that they are being set upon and victimised by other children at school. They feel they are being picked on or overlooked and that their peers are out to get them. They think of themselves as having little or no control over their lives and what is being done to them so they have a victim mentality. They feel sorry for themselves and believe that bad things are always happening to them. Only them. This is probably not the case but the way that child sees the world is negative as they internalise the actions of others as being unfavourable towards them and also because they have little self-belief.

It is very easy to fall into victim mode and hard to get out of.  Getting out of it can only be done by changing their mindset and actions. Here are some ideas to help your child be less of a victim…

Ways For Tackling Victim Mentality

  1. Encourage children to take responsibility for their actions
  2. Help them to see the full picture of a situation
  3. Encourage children to put their life into perspective. Is everything really that bad?
  4. Get children to write a gratitude diary so they see that good things happen to them
  5. Talk about situations they get upset about and help them to see the situation in a different light
  6. Teach children not to hold grudges and let small things go
  7. Help children to like themselves and feel good about who they are

There will be times when children feel that life is not going their way but that should not allow them to play the victim. A child’s outlook on life will reflect back on them. If they believe in themselves and like who they are, life will be easier for them.

If you would like your child to feel strong and to feel no longer a victim please do get in touch with me.