Stopping Children Being Bossy with Friends, girl pointing at another girlThere are lots of Mr Men books out there but I have never found a Mr Dominant which is surprising really as there are many children in the world who like to tell others what to do. They are ‘telling others in a forceful way’ to feel that they are in control of their environment. They like things a particular way, are thinking only of their needs and how they want others to behave. Being domineering can have an impact not just at home but with friends too and not many children like to be bossed about!

Helping Children To Be Less Dominant With Friends

  • Talk to your child about how they feel when others are domineering to them. What do they think about their friend? Do they like them?
  • Teach them to listen to what their friends want to do and practise the art of compromising. You can do this by role-playing. You can demonstrate and act out the type of responses your child can use when they do not want to do their friends suggestions and only want to do theirs.
  • Look at alternative uses of vocabulary that your child can use to motivate their friends to do something or to put across what they want to do. What words can they use to express their needs and feelings without giving orders?
  • Help your child become more aware of when they are being domineering. Perhaps they need to look at the faces of those around them and see if they are smiling in response.

It is such a good feeling when children get along and there are ways of reducing the bossiness and being more considerate of others feelings. Your child will find it won’t win them friends and could result in others ignoring or avoiding them. Make your child aware of that and they may start to change their ways.

Has your domineering child changed their ways and how?

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