Girl doing karate, girl protecting herselfOur children are not going to get along with everyone they meet. There will at times be disagreements and conflict. They will not always get their own way and will clash with other people that do not share/believe in their own needs and wants. We could just teach our children to walk away from conflict but then what would they really be learning about other people and themselves. Conflicts can really help children think hard about what is most important in their lives. They also teach them how to compromise and see things from another person’s perspective. Not everyone likes conflict but we do need to get our children to deal with conflict.

Helping Children Deal With Conflict

  1. We can teach them to keep a level head and not get upset or angry when other people annoy them.
  2. Show them how to communicate in a respectful way and tell others how they are thinking articulately. Can they think before they speak?
  3. Help them look at what their (and the other person’s) needs are.
  4. Teach them to listen and understand why someone is saying a particular thing. Can they empathise or sympathise with them?
  5. Get them also to think of the consequences if they resist the conflict.
  6. Show them how to discuss with the other person how they can make sure both of them are happy.
  7. Get them to respect others opinions and decisions. Other people’s opinions are generally going to be different to ours.
  8. Get them to practice apologising if they were in the wrong.

All the above can be role played out so that your child fully understands how to deal with conflict and knows how to compromise. How do you help your child deal with conflict?

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