boy doing karate, hobby, passionHave you ever stopped your child doing something they have loved – an after school activity or something they did at the weekend? Why? Was it because it did not fit into your timetable or was it because you did not see a reason for them to do it – perhaps they weren’t going to be the next David Beckham or Tracey Emin so you stopped them trying out the new activity. It really is important that we give children a chance to try new things so they can find their passion and you never know they may get better with practise.

Children Can Only Find Their Passion By Trying Everything

Let them enjoy the new activity or hobby even if they are not particularly good at it. It is great that they have passion as this is something we hope that they will always have in life. The desire to try something and attempt to get better/succeed.

Some children will pick up a new activity like a fish to water and other children will try lots of different pursuits before they find the thing that they love. Keep going with the encouragement kids and taking an interest in whatever they are trying out. They may get disappointed that they have not found the thing for them but they will.

Discuss with them what they want to try and get them to put in order which will be first to try. Talk about what happens if they don’t like the activity and what will happen next. Explain that you won’t buy the kit until they do want to return regularly. Maybe it is worth getting them to commit to an activity for a term so at least they have given it their best shot. Even if they change their mind about continuing with it,

Manage their expectations. Let your children have a go, enjoy it and let them do so for now. It may not fit exactly into your timetable but if you can have a re-jig.

If you would like your child to find their passion and explore what makes them tick please get in touch and we can discover activities they would like to try either in z team or by themselves.