Number 1 on a race trackNo matter what we do in life we need to work hard. The things that we want won’t always come easily and there will be times when we questions ourselves. “Should I give up?” or “should I carry on and put more effort into it?”. The answer will depend on how much more work is involved, whether the result will be worth it and how much we want that particular ‘thing’. We can talk to our children about their goals and dreams and how working hard will help them to achieve them. It can help if they visualise the steps they’ll have to take to get there.

We can also talk to them about what happens if reaching their goals proves to be a little tricky or there are obstacles in their way. What would they do if a certain scenario happens? What would be their next steps to get around it? We can challenge if they really want ‘it’. Discussions like these will help your child with their problem-solving skills as well as understanding the need for persistence and resilience.

Lead By Example – Share Your Goals And Dreams

What we do and how we reach our dreams can be shared with our children. They need to see us put in the hard work and hear our stories about our determination and the fire in our bellies that motivates us to keep moving forward.

My dream was to run the London Marathon and this Sunday it will be coming true. Having watched it with tears in my eyes in the past I knew I had to just do it. My dream… my goal – all I had to do was work out how I was going to get there. I knew if I didn’t do the marathon I would regret it and I don’t like to regret anything in life. I knew it would be hard work and the training certainly has been. I have been through lots of emotions and injuries throughout the past four months and I still have a few niggles in my body. I have challenged those negative thoughts of ‘will I really be able to do it?’ and now I am both excited and anxious as to what is to come. I have put in the hard work and have had to overcome the obstacles of injury.

Am I ready? I guess as ready as I will ever be. Will the end result be worth it? Totally.  Not only a sense of accomplishment for me but for the money I have raised for my chosen charity –  I hope to raise £1800 for them so that they can continue to provide activities, opportunities, information and support for people with a learning disability or autism, their parents and siblings.  I have already raised £1,700 – if you would like to help me raise a bit more, you can sponsor me via my Just Giving page

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