Child looking out of the window

Has your child ever stopped to think about their life and what is going well and what could be going better? I doubt it. It is not something we tend to teach our children to do, but if we did they would be able to see that there is a lot that is going right and not focus so much on what is not going so well. Seeing good things happen to them can have a positive impact on their self-esteem as they can see that they have been responsible for creating good things to happen and good relationships.

Good Things Happen But There Can Be Room To Improve

I think it is important that children take stock of what could be better in their life. There is always something that they can tweak or change about themselves and their interactions. We can help them with this by getting them to think about the following questions:

  • What frustrates them?
  • Are they happy with their friendships?
  • What would they like to change about their life?
  • Could they be doing better at something?
  • How are they getting on with mum, dad and their siblings?
  • What relationships could be improved?

So much to think about but if you gave them a piece of paper and asked them to list the parts that could be better, they would be able to see clearly what they need to do to change a situation or relationship. Then, with your help, they can come up with a plan of what needs to be done. For example, they may always be getting into trouble at school for not paying attention in class. They can then modify their behaviour in class so that they are not told off.

Sometimes children, just like parents, can get into the trap of behaving in the same way and wonder why life is not going the way they wanted it. By taking stock they can see what needs to be changed.

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