The word 'friendships' spelt out with jewellery beads

Children including themselves in friendships is important and I believe that all children can have friends. They may be the most amazing friends for them with them having lots in common who are supportive of each other, and they live in each other’s pockets. Alternatively, their friends could be just friends that they just see at school and they speak to in lessons or between lessons. They may have a few things in common but no tight glue holding their friendship together. Every group of friends will be different and every child will feel differently about their friends. 

I think so long as children know how to identify the right people for them and how they should be treated then good friendships can be made. But what about when children say that they have the right friends for them but they also feel out of the circle? It could be that they aren’t always invited to places socially when the majority of their friends are or they don’t know anything about the conversations that are going on and feel excluded? How can children still be part of the group they want to be in and be happy?

Easy Steps For Children Including Themselves More

Children need to think about why they are excluded and what they can do to rectify it so that they still fit in but still be themselves.

  1. Perhaps they could learn more about the subjects discussed at break or learn more about the games the others play.
  2. Maybe they could start watching the same Netflix series that their friends are watching so they can join in the conversation more.
  3. Maybe they could get more involved in conversations in general by listening to the conversations and chipping in or asking questions.
  4. Show that they want to be a part of what their friends are doing outside of school and even suggest a social activity to show that they like to be social too.

    By making a more concerted effort they will feel they fit in more whilst still being authentic. For more strategies that can be used in friendships see my book, ‘Being Me (And Loving It)’
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