Mums sitting at school desks

Children always remember what parents and carers do for them and they also remember what they don’t do for them. It is important that parents make the right decision when it comes to doing the right thing so that their child doesn’t get upset about something they did not do for them. In this instance I am talking about parental involvement in their school life – particularly primary school.

Recently I was chatting to another mum about our children. We were talking about school trips and I was explaining to her that I had really wanted to go on the last school trip of his primary school years. My son loves me to go on school trips with him and I really liked to be a part of his experience. I think it made him feel special and proud that I wanted to go and I liked to see him with all his friends and to share that extra experience. However, I could not go because parents were not invited  and said it was a shame I couldn’t take part.

The other parent told me she was not bothered – she had never been on a school trip with any of her children, had never been into school to join in with a parent and child activity, had never gone into primary school to see their work and had not and would not get involved in their school life. I was kind of shocked. I knew the mum did not work and did not have any other major constraints on her time. So why would she not do this? The reason? Well, why does she need to? She spends lots of time with her children and does not feel it necessary to support them in the primary school environment.

The Importance Of Parental Involvement

She may be right, she may be wrong- but I do know this. Our children only have one childhood and only go to primary school once. They remember everything, (well nearly everything), you do for them and they remember the shows you turned up for and all the classroom visits. They remember. I want those memories and I want my children to have them too. It is up to us to make that time for them and whatever they are doing in school. It shows we are committed to what they are learning and doing and interested in their life. If you can, please make the time for your children’s education. You need to take an interest. Kids remember that stuff. It makes them feel proud, loved and although they don’t show it, appreciate that you showed up/volunteered.

Children remember everything so what do you want them to remember? What do you do/can you do to show support for your child in primary school? I’d love to hear from you.

For all things parenting and help with your child who is at primary school take a look at The Parents Toolkit as it has some wonderful strategies and ideas of how you can be a better parent but more importantly how you can help your child if they need it.