Smiley face drawn on yellow stick note, surrounded by sad faces on blue sticky notes

Things go wrong. Life is not perfect. Friends are not perfect. Situations sometimes don’t go the way we want them to, so children need to be resilient to bounce back or be able to cope with the thing/situation that isn’t going well. It’s not always easy but it’s a life skill we all need to have. A positive mindset is an attitude that all children need to have/own. This is really important when they need to make a change in their life or when they are trying something new. They need to get their head in the game and think more positively.

Many children will go through a ‘What if…’ scenario. What if it goes wrong or what if it doesn’t work? This mindset isn’t particularly helpful in moving a child forward and will often stop the child from attempting that thing or wanting to try out a new idea/change. That thing could be trying a new food, a new activity or changing a situation for the better. They won’t know if they will like the food unless they try it – they might love it! They might really enjoy the new activity and want to continue to do it again. The outcome of changing the situation could make them much happier.

A Good Strategy For A Positive Mindset

Parents can help their child to be more positive. So instead of your child thinking ‘What if?’ in a negative way, let’s get them to think, ‘What if it goes well? What if it works? What if I like it? and encourage them to use this as much as possible so they will be able to experience more. They need to give things a chance and it will start with how they think about it and then by carrying it out they should feel proud of having a go and see the outcome. They will never see the outcome if they dwell on what it could negatively mean for them.

If you would like your child to be more positive check out my book The Parent’s Toolkit or give me a call if you would like me to work with your son or daughter in a life-coaching session.