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When faced with a disgruntled child who doesn’t want to take part in a family activity we have planned for them, we are often tempted to dress it up and make the activity sound more exciting than it actually is. Great for us because then they will want to do the said activity, but not for the child who may actually find the activity is not as exciting as we made it out to be.

The child can often be disappointed and more upset than they were initially.  So, how do we get our children to accept what we are going to do with them without the moaning?

5 Tips To Help Manage a Child’s Expectations

  1. We need to remain authoritative and explain that we are going to do the activity.
  2. We can listen to what it is that they are not happy about and see if we can incorporate their wants into the activity, if at all possible.
  3. We can explain that they have a choice in terms of how they approach the activity and isn’t helpful being negative and unhappy.
  4. We need to make sure their expectations are realistic. The activity will be fun if they get involved and it will be what they make it.
  5. Ignore the moaning and get on with it. Once you are active and doing what you planned they will have probably have forgotten what they were moaning about.

How do you manage your child’s expectations? Let me know in the comments…