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As a life coach for children, I regularly run coaching workshops for children in schools as well as for charities and organisations that support children. I absolutely love running these workshops because they challenge me. They need to be engaging to a big group of children – all with different personalities, varying ages and needing/wanting to take something different from each workshop. There is generally a lot to cover in each session and you cannot do it all. So, I have to cherry-pick what to teach the children and make it fun. Keeping the group engaged is the key factor as I don’t want the children to be bored.

There is huge value in workshops as they often reinforce what the children already know. They may know something about the workshop topic already, but they are hearing it again in a different format and using different mediums to get them thinking. They will also be learning new things – new ideas and strategies that they can use in their daily life. Better ways to communicate, different ways to think and do, and new ideas to make life better for themselves.

Whatever the workshop is about, the children will learn something new from the workshop provider or the other participants. Sharing ideas and experiences is of such great value with the children being able to help each other and realise there are others with similar issues to them. My aim is always for the children to take away one thing. The feedback from the last workshops proves that my work does have an impact on what they are taking in.

Feedback On Coaching Workshops For Children

Here are a few of the children’s comments about my workshops:

“I learnt how to solve day to day issues with communication and confidence.”

“It was good to hear other people’s problems and solutions.”

“I enjoyed meeting new people and talking about common problems that we all face in school.”

And my favourite comment, ” I have learnt that parents are never unfair even if you feel like they are.”


Book a Workshop

As a life coach for children and teenagers, I facilitate tailor-made workshops for children in schools and other organisations. Some of the topics are listed below, but I can also create a workshop on whatever topic is needed, including social media and friendships, communication and more.

All of the workshops can be 60 or 90 minutes long and can cater for up to 30 children at a time.

If you would like me to host a workshop at your school, youth organisation or work place, visit my Workshops page for more details about what I can provide and how to book.