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If I had to explain what the main aim of life coaching for children is,  I would say it is to give children the chance to have a voice.  A coach is someone who will  listen to them about how they feel and what they think. Someone to listen to what is going on for them in life and then coach to be able to give them fresh ideas and strategies to help with the areas they are finding hard.

How Coaching Provides a Voice

Having a coach is something that parents think is useful because they want their child to have a space that is just for them. Having a third persons perspective on what is going on is also useful. It is not the same as asking your friends for their advice. It is different because not all children tell their parents the truth (they also don’t always tell me at first) and sometimes they are afraid of sharing what is going on in their head.

Having a space to be listened to is empowering. This is time for children to say whatever they want and sometimes to have a good moan about their mum or dad or siblings. It is a place to put their world to rights by tweaking what they already know, learning what they don’t and putting new ideas into practice.

My coaching for children is interactive. It is fun, relaxed and supportive. It is also focussed and goal related, giving children a voice to be heard and understood. It is for those who want to make change and feel empowered.

To learn more about how my coaching sessions work and how to book one, visit my Coaching for Kids page


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One Response to Giving Children a Voice

  1. Steph says:

    Having a coach will definitely give the child a voice and a person who will listen to the child with a different perspective and not with the insecurities or judgement of a parent

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