Dublin BE Conference Poster The flight and hotel are booked and I am now counting down to the Dublin BE Girls Event.  This one-of-a-kind event helps girls change the way they think about themselves and the situations they are in. The past two conferences have been amazing and what I have observed most is the way the girls just get on with the sessions. They are put into groups for some of the work, or they have to form their own and they do this easily. There is no moaning about not joining in or doing an activity. They find and make new friends easily and at the end of the past two conferences I have had to pass on emails to girls who want to stay in contact with the others that they met on the day. I love it!!!

New friendships made and bizarrely these are the girls whose parents said they had low self-esteem or found it difficult to make friendships. The friendships are a big by-product of the day. The girls look at who they are and appreciate what they are both inside and on the outside. They get to have that space to think about what is important to them and may consider doing things differently post-conference. We hope so. It is not often that girls are given this space to challenge their thoughts about body image, role models and social media – all such important topics for girls and space well needed.

Dublin BE Girls Event

So if you have not yet booked your daughter on the Dublin BE event, don’t delay! The early bird cost of e65 finishes on 30th March. Tickets can be bought here.

If you know anyone living in on around the Dublin area, please do share this blog post with them. Thank you.

Hope to see you there!