Girl Meditating

Life has been far from calm this year. It feels like we are in the middle of a movie set with the strange circumstances we are living in. Coronavirus is affecting us all and there is no getting away from it  – it isn’t going away just yet. With that and children going back to school, (either adjusting to a new school or returning to their old school after months without much schooling), it is not going to be an easy ride in the coming months. With anxiety as high as it is among school children, it is so important that parents help them to lower their stress levels and create their own calm amongst the chaos. All human bodies need to be able to relax, including their minds, in order to fully unwind.

Create Your Own Calm – Book Recommendation

Create your own Calm - Image of Book CoverMy best friend has written a book that can help so many children and I will also be using it as a resource for the children that I coach. It is called, ‘Create Your Own Calm’ and has lots of practical ideas and activities (and a little bit of science) to help children manage their feelings of stress, anger and anxiety.

Children can use the book on their own or do the activities with family members and it will help parents and children recognise and express their emotions in order to create a calm space. Isn’t that something we all need? It’s very easy to read and use, and I love that many of the ideas are unique but so useful.

It’s a great resource for primary school children although I don’t think the book is just for children. There are some great ideas for us to use as parents when we feel like we just aren’t coping and need to take some time out for ourselves to process things, to relax or address our worries and emotions.

Right now, we need to support our children as best as we can and having a resource such as this book will really help your child focus on keeping their mind and body healthy and relaxed. View Create Your Own Calm on Amazon.