Boy climbing on high ropes

All children have challenges to face in life. Some are large challenges and some are small, but whichever they are, parents should address them with their children. Some challenges can take a while to resolve whilst others cannot, but they can be managed to help children cope with them. For example,  maybe a child doesn’t want to be left alone in the house with an older brother or sister.  This challenge can easily be managed and resolved by taking the younger child out with you or them going to a friends house. Or maybe a child doesn’t want to try something new and it’s limiting their life experience.  There is no getting away from it we have to help children deal with challenges.

How to Deal With Challenges

If we roll back the years and think about ourselves as children, I’m sure we can remember our own challenges.  I know I had them and I can see one or two of those presenting themselves in my children. I know how the challenges got resolved too and that was mostly due to time. Time as they say heals but I also think it is something we need to give our children.  Let them know it’s OK to take time to adjust. Time to get their head around something. Time to change their actions or their thoughts. I don’t think we can rush our children into changing something quickly when they are not ready. We need to go at their pace. We need to go at their pace.

I write that twice because I think we are in the habit of thinking, ‘Well, just get on with it’ or ‘Just get over it’.  We have a tendency to want quick results in our modern society but neither work in my opinion. Let’s take a step back and be guided by our children. Let’s allow them to take smaller steps so they feel comfortable and in control to the place that we want them to be. They need to be ready to deal with challenges at their own pace.

We won’t always be able to deal with our children’s problems as they grow, so it’s a great life lesson for them.  Give them space to do what feels right to them and empower them to reach their own conclusion when resolving and addressing challenging situations.

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