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It is very easy to tell your child off and show them that you disapprove of something they have done and it is very easy to tell them that we are disappointed in them and that they have let us down. In the heat of the moment, whether frustrated or angry with them we don’t often choose our words well in sharing our disappointment. What we really need to do is consider the words we use and think are they helpful and are they helping the situation? Will they make our children feel good about themselves or will they feel that they are no longer accepted by us? Words are powerful and so when your children come to you because they have done something wrong, you must be careful of what you say and how you say it. Discussing disappointing behaviour in the right way will help in your relationship with your child.

Discussing Disappointing Behaviour In The Best Way

  1. First of all you need to be clear that you are not disappointed in them as a person. You are disappointed by the choice they made and of their behaviour.
  2. You need to fully understand the situation and make sure your child does too. Do they know what they did? Do they know why they did it? Are they aware of the consequences? How can they make the situation better? What would they do next time this happens?
  3. Through discussion your child should gain clarity and have a feeling of what they need to do to put the situation right. Speak to them in a calm voice and show that you are not judging them. Your child will not get everything they do right and will make mistakes. They will need guidance from you though and I think it is important that you share with them that their behaviour has no reflection on how you feel about them. Reprimand them if you feel it is the right thing to do in order for them to never do it again.

Your children will disappoint you sometimes but with love, support and guidance they will still feel part of the family and become stronger through these experiences.

For more parenting ideas how to approach situations please have a read of ‘The Parent’s Toolkit’
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