Instrusive Parenting
There are so many different types of parenting. You’ve probably heard of tiger parenting and helicopter parenting – now we have intrusive parenting. I am not a great fan of any of these parenting styles.

The latest type – Intrusive – boils down to getting too involved in what your child is doing and getting them to do better – in fact doing something perfect. We know that that pushing a child to do something perfectly will put pressure on them. It will also make them feel inadequate because they know we are expecting the very best from them. No child wants to disappoint their parents.

Intrusive parenting can also stop our children learning from mistakes they are making because they aren’t allowed to make any!  The long term effect can be anxiety or depression.

This is not the type of parenting I’d like to encourage. Please take a look at the article I found that was in the news yesterday about Intrusive Parenting.  It gives parents ideas of how not to be this type of parent as well as detailing the effect it can have on children.

My suggestion is that we help our children be the best they can be, let them find their own way and step back from getting too involved in their lives. For our children to grow they need to make mistakes and find their own way.

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