Tolerance and Children

It is not easy in this world for everyone to get along with one another. If you look around we all look different, we all act differently and we have such wide and varied views on life. As we all know, these differences are a positive thing as we can learn from each other but not everyone is accepting of others religions, beliefs and choices. From a young age we need to be encouraging tolerance in our children so that they grow up without prejudice and accepting of everyone. They should be able to see difference and accept it.

Teaching And Encouraging Tolerance

I was thinking last night about tolerance and then this article dropped into my news feed – Teach Your Kids Tolerance. There are some great ideas on what parents can do to help our children learn about tolerance. I particularly like the second to last tip – “Build your child’s self-esteem by making the child feel accepted, respected and valued. Children who feel badly about themselves may treat others badly.” It is so true. Self-esteem is so crucial to a child to becoming tolerant of others. If they are happy with who they then they are more likely to be tolerant of how others are. I don’t think many parents would put the two of these things together.

Have a read of this short article and think about how you can start to demonstrate acceptance. Children follow their parents lead so make sure you aren’t displaying intolerant behaviour. Many of us are too quick to criticise others. Maybe biting your tongue when you want to say something cruel about someone else is a good place to start.

Is your child tolerant of their friends or have you had to help them build these skills? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment at the end of this blog or via my social media channels.

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