Friends listeningListening is a big problem for parents if their children aren’t listening to them at home. There are ways and solutions to get our children to listen to us more that do not involve shouting or making threats.

What do you do when your child is not listening to their friends?

How are they managing to keep friends? I don’t think they can. Listening is such an important social skill to have and is a huge part of making friendships work. You talk – your friend listens. They talk – you listen. If a child is not listening to the other person they can come across as being arrogant, ignorant and self-obsessed.

I doubt they want to be seen as that. Instead, if you have a child who is not listening, talk to them about the importance of listening to their friends. Encourage them to ask their friends questions to prove they are listening and help them to be conscious of how much they are talking versus how much they are listening as I am sure they are probably doing too much of the former. No-one likes a person who talks endlessly about themselves so practice at home so that they can develop this skill.

How much listening does your child do in a conversation?

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