Exposure to different cultures

We can’t live in a bubble where all our community are the same. No one looks the same, no one is the same colour or has the same characteristics. We all have different religions and dress differently because of those religions. Life is full of all sorts of people and we should embrace that. As soon as you step outside your front door there are so many types of people with different cultures and origins and it is great and so wonderful that we live in a multi-cultural society. Why? Because it teaches our children many things. Through talking to them about the outside world and the many types of people we can teach them about different cultures.

Why Should We Exposure Children To Different Cultures?

  • It teaches them that even if people look different to them they are still a person. Their facial features and colour of their skin may not be the same but they have feelings and thoughts just like them. They still have feelings, thoughts, opinions, beliefs.
  • It teaches them about lifestyles and that we are not all brought up in the same way. Some families have lots of children and home school, some families are religious and go to church religiously (no pun intended) some families live with extended family etc.
  • It teaches them that everyone sees life differently to them and observes different practices. What we do is not the same as others and we have to respect their behaviours and habits.
  • It teaches them what others believe in and there is more than one way to live.

We can do this by encouraging them to ask questions about the world and see learning about other cultures as fun. They can learn about their own beliefs and compare them to others.

If you find that your child is judgemental about others and not very accepting get in touch about some coaching as I can help.

How culturally aware are your children?