A sign saying 'Family Time' attached to a wooden fence

Family plans that work can be hard to achieve. We all have different ideas when it comes to our spare time and what we want to do at the weekend or during the school holidays. In a family, mum or dad may have to do chores and catch up with other jobs in the house that they have not been able to do during the week, whilst their children may want to see friends, go to the park, go shopping or even have a movie night.

Everyone in a family, no matter what that family looks like, will have their own agenda and fixed idea of what they want their weekend or holiday to look like. Children, however, may not get the chance to do those things because;

1. their parents decide what the weekend looks like. Or,

2. the children are not asked what they want to do as family plans that work for the whole family are much better than those that only work for one or two members.

Family Plans That Work For Everyone

So how do we all have the weekend we want, expect and need?

  1. My suggestion is to get together on a Thursday or Friday night and talk about the forthcoming weekend.
  2. What has to be done?
  3. What commitments are already in the diary that you need to work around? Maybe there is a party in the diary, or you have grandparents popping in.
  4. What free time is there during Saturday and Sunday?
  5. What would your children like to do?
  6. Parents, what would you like to do?
  7. Look at the weekend and see how you can fit it all in.
  8. If there isn’t enough time, then talk about when your child can do some of those things and get them in the diary or arrange them. At least then your children have something to look forward to another time.

This suggestion will make your children feel listened to, understand that parents have things they have to do and be more in control of their free time.

The Parents ToolkitFor more strategies on raising your child and how coaching for kids works see my coaching page. Alternatively, The Parent’s Toolkit, is a good and simple read if you have primary school-aged children.

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