Boy doing Homework

We all experience feelings of overwhelm. When we do some of us run away from the situation. Some of us will find anything to do but that chosen task. Others will look at what they have to do and thrive on the challenge of having so much to do. However many adults and children find it all too much and can get stuck with moving forward. They think how am I going to get this all done? I don’t have enough time. I can’t do this. Where do I start? Many children are feeling overwhelmed with homework and project work. We can help them cope with feelings of overwhelm and diminish them.

Help Children Address Feeling Overwhelmed

Get them to break the task into smaller chunks and then look at the stages they need to complete to get to the finish. By completing each of the smaller parts they can tick off what they have done and see that they are making progress. They can also take break between each part as a reward for getting on with the task.

Doing a large piece of work or multiple activities, will teach children that a process needs to be used and that everything in life is a process. It is a very useful life skill to learn. For example, children are often set work where research has to be done before they complete a project or piece of work. Process one would thinking about what do I need to do? Then once that task is complete then think what would I then need to do? So they complete the first part, then the second part and then the third. They need to remember that they cannot go straight to number three without doing the other parts first.

Work set can often feel huge – that there is loads to do, but the reality it, there often isn’t. Overwhelm does not help them getting it done. They need to be realistic about what they need to do and how long it will take them. Once they are they will make progress and will feel more relaxed and in charge of the situation.

If your child feels overwhelmed by work then please get in touch with me to see how I can help them.