Some schools put insane pressure on children to do well in tests, even those that really don’t make a difference in their lives. For the type of tests that show children know what they are being taught, there shouldn’t be any pressure at all. Yes, revise for them but whatever will be will be.

When they get their tests back and have a chance to see any error, you’ll identify where the child needs more help. For example, do they need to work on answering the questions more succinctly, or do they need some help in understanding more about that topic? Mistakes are made for learning after all!  

All schools and teachers are different in their approach to tests. So, I think that parents have a responsibility to their children to be more relaxed about these kinds of tests (in fact any tests or exams) too.

Recently I heard of a school that was putting a lot of pressure on children to do well in tests by handing out their tests papers in order of high to low marks. How do I feel about this? Shocked and annoyed.

It is humliating and can ruin a child’s self-esteem. How can this school think this encourages children in the right way? It is promoting unhealthy competition as not everyone is at the same level. Not everyone knows everything about one subject. Some children have bad days. Bad tests.

For the sake of our children’s self-esteem we need to be taking the pressure off at home. Especially if they are feeling it at school (albeit wrong). We need to help them ignore the school pressure and let them know that it’s certainly not the end of the world. Let’s think more about our children’s mental health. That should always come first and causing undue stress and pressure just isn’t necessary.

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