Children with camera


Many children find it difficult to concentrate and focus on one thing at a time. It’s easy for children to start something and then get distracted. They can be thinking about lots of different things, forget what task they are supposed to be doing and then move onto something else before the task is finished properly. This can really annoy parents, especially if dirty dishes are left on the breakfast table or a wet towel left on a bedroom floor. Why can’t they remember to finish these tasks and why should parents have to nag their children about them? Children don’t like being nagged and it could be avoided if the job was done. Wouldn’t their life (and ours?) be easier if they just focus on one thing at a time?

Why Do Only One Thing At A Time?

We need to convey to children that doing one task at a time means they will be giving it their full attention. In turn, they will get the task in hand done much quicker and to a higher standard. They need to move distractions out of their head and see everything that they do as a process. And the task isn’t finished until the whole process has been completed. For example, getting ready in the morning:

  1. Have a shower
  2. Get dressed
  3. Hang up your wet towel to dry
  4. Go for breakfast
  5. Wash up breakfast dishes
  6. Move onto the next thing (leaving for school, chores, etc).

It’s very frustrating to find wet towels and washing up cluttering up a tidy house, so completing this simple sequence of tasks, will mean less frustration and shouting from parents and guardians. The child will also have learned about seeing something through from start to finish. They also learn consideration for others by not leaving behind a mess for somebody else to clean up and it  teaches them responsibility for themselves so they know how to take care of their own needs. A great life skill to have for when they’re older so let’s get them to put aside other distraction and help them focus on one thing at a time.

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