'Friendship' written with colourful chalk on blackboard

Friendship groups are a bit like liquorice allsorts. They are made up of children who all have different personalities, come from different backgrounds, have different views, opinions etc. You will never find two friends the same which for me makes them like allsorts. We hope our children are happy in their friendship group and like the fact that each friend is unique and brings something different to their group. However, what can they do if they have someone in their friendship group who they don’t like?  Someone perhaps that they have nothing in common with or they feel that they just don’t connect. That person may be part of their friendship group because they are friendly with one person but have been included nonetheless. It can be really difficult when your child likes everyone apart from that one person. 

Getting Along With Different Personalities

So what can they do?

  • Suggest to your child that they are friendly towards them and find a way of getting along with them.
  • They should include them in social things they are doing so as not to leave them out.
  • They should be kind, civil and listen to them when they are talking.
  • They should be aware of the trait/s they don’t like about that person but also look for the good in them.
  • They don’t have to be super friendly with that child, just not rude.
  • Your child can be everything a good friend can be without having to be close to them.

There are many degrees of friendship. There will always be a person who they don’t have much in common with or they don’t like their traits. They can’t do anything about the situation but accept that the child they aren’t so keen on is not going anywhere – yet. However, that could all change as friendship circles often do.

If your child has other different issues around friendships why not look at, ‘Being Me (And Loving It)’

For a more tailored approach you might prefer coaching. If this is something you think might help why not give me a call.