Having Fun with BoysI was reading a book recently about parenting and it mentioned that one of the things children want from their parents is to have fun. I know that and I am sure you do too. Children want to be able to engage with their parents in activities that connect them in a light-hearted way where they get to laugh, be silly and see mum and dad in a different light. Fun though for one child is not going to be the same as for another. There are endless activities/things you can do to have fun with your child so what fun things can we do with boys in particular?

My Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Boys

  1. Playfighting – just before bed is my favourite to wear them out before the calm story telling/book reading or bath. An alternative to this is to have a pillow fight. My boys love them.
  2. Create a puzzle for the other person to solve. Do some at the same time and then swap. Perhaps create a Sudoku grid, word search or crossword.
  3. Tickling – find out where their ticklish bits are and give them a good tickle. Chase them and let them catch you and laugh even when their touch doesn’t tickle!
  4. Make a tent out of sheets in one of the bedrooms and then bring torches and teddies into the camp and tell stories to each other.
  5. Create a home cinema, make some popcorn and dim the lights. Oh, and put your mobile in another room so you are not temped to look at it.
  6. Make a robot together or build the biggest tower. Do something creative where you can let your imaginations go wild.
  7. Set up the Wii or play station and challenge your child to a game – something you both like.
  8. Get the water pistols out and run riot in the garden or the park. If it is a hot day hunt out some of those massive water guns.
  9. Make a movie together using a camcorder or even your phone. It could have a theme or just be totally random. You could even download an app to help you.
  10. Have a disco. Put the music up loud and show your child your groovy moves. Make them laugh and get them to join in. Change the words of the songs and make up new dances.

Okay so now you know what goes on in my house (actually not all of it does). What do you do to have fun with your son?


Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid / FreeDigitalPhotos.net