Girls lying on grass

It feels that we are now moving into a period of ‘normality’ again. As more attractions and venues open up, it’s much easier to keep children busier by visiting the cinema, going bowling, swimming, go to museums and do ‘normal’ summer holiday activities. I feel happy for them as lock-down has been a tough period. Children have been cooped up and there have been many restrictions forced upon them. Now this is changing, life is getting better once again and getting back to normal. It is great to be out and about more and I think it’s important in the coming weeks to let children see their friends more.

Younger children can have more play dates or see their friends virtually, more consistently. Teenagers can meet their friends outside or go to newly opened activities like the cinema. Children will  be going back to school in three weeks time and there will be little social distancing, so let’s try and get them used to being with each other again. Especially if they haven’t seen any friends for a while.

Get Back To Normal By Meeting Friends

This is particularly important if they are scared to play with their friends again. They may be nervous about seeing their friends or spending time in the classroom with other people after being socially isolated during lock-down. As parents, we don’t want that to be another thing for them to be nervous about on the first day back at school. It is going to be daunting enough after six months away from the classroom. We want their friends to be their security and to help them get through the day.  Make an effort to help children rekindle friendships and help each other settle back into school life.

If you think your child could use some help getting back to normal give me a call on 07961312749 as a one off coaching could put them back on track,