kids putting hands up in airI think we have all been guilty at some time or another of taking a back seat – not joining in – when we are in a social situation. We kind of stand in the crowd but don’t say anything and just listen. Sometimes we don’t have anything to say but other times we want to say something but don’t, for whatever reason. Children are the same. I see many children who have a great idea that they want to share and don’t, but it is really important that they do especially if the child is part of a group that is being assessed. By assessed I mean it is part of their entrance exam for a new school or it is a collective project – perhaps a science one. Being part of a group is a life skill so getting children to join in, in whatever way they can is essential in any group work.

Getting Children to Join In Conversations With Friends

If you have a child who wants to be joining in the conversation but doesn’t find it easy to share their ideas get them to think about how they would feel if they did not share their great idea. It may be better than the other participants or it may even compliment the ideas that have already been suggested. Can they imagine if their idea was used and they got the recognition? It would probably feel great to them. To get to this stage they can practice with you speaking up and saying to the group something like, ‘There are some really good ideas – I have another one…..’ or ‘What do you think about….?’. Both invite input from the others and your child gets to voice their thoughts. As to whether their peers listen to them is another thing. Hopefully they will.

What other ideas would you use when it comes to your child sharing ideas and joining in?

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