heart shaped plasterI always like to add in a topical issue each month – one that makes me really think about how children’s lives are and the influences on them. Today I found this article which is about girls and relationships – Tinder App Hookups Can Ruin Self-Esteem in Girls  I found this article to be really sad. Girls are so influenced by the relationships they have in their lives – friendships as well as the opposite sex relationships. When it comes to romance they can get their heart so broken. Boys and girls see different things in a relationship when they are young and it can be very painful for a girl when they think the boy is into them to find out that actually they were after one thing. Now I am not saying that all boys are like that, nor am I saying that the majority are either but girls think differently to boys and read into situations that may not be there because they want to see it.

Girls And Relationships – It’s So Tricky

I agree with the article when it says a girls self-esteem can be rocked and they can feel awful about themselves. Gosh I cannot tell you how many times my heart got broken – I felt it was the end of the world. I don’t think things have changed much in that respect. However, the internet and social media do not help when it comes to affairs of the heart. And the app ‘hookups’ – that scares me. As an app for adults how has it got into the hands of tweens and teens? Please talk to your children about these kinds of apps and get them to avoid them. And talk to your daughter about relationships so that they understand how they work and what they are about. There are some good suggestions in the article. My suggestion to you is prepare them for the opposite sex before they get involved

For help with your child’s self-esteem have a look at Being Me (And Loving It) Its a wonderful collection of stories to make children to feel strong.

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