Computer screen with words Goals 2020

Goal Setting….. Every year I set different goals. Last year my personal goals were around getting a house renovated and suitable to live in and also making sure my boys continued to be happy at school and with their friendships. My work goals were to continue to coach and help as many children as possible and to run workshops in even more schools than the year before. I reached my goals and so I am now looking at what I want to achieve in 2020. I know I want my coaching business to keep on thriving but this year I want to add in something new. I would like to work with a charity that is aligned to my work as a Kids Coach where I can educate young people in some way and help them with life skills. Bizarrely, I met someone from a charity at the end of 2019 who I think may be able to help me so this could be a goal that gets ticked off pretty quickly! Personal development is important to me and the more I am exposed to new ideas and development opportunities, the better coach I am.

Goal Setting Focuses A Child’s Mind

So that’s my biggest work goal for 2020. But what about children? Should they have goals too? I don’t think there is anything wrong with children setting goals. My eldest has a goal to do well in his GCSE’s. My youngest has a goal to be in a TV ad or get an acting role in a TV programme or on stage.

It is important that children have dreams and have a direction – something to aim for.  Before settling into 2020 talk to your children about what they want to achieve. They could have lots of little goals or just one big one.  To help them achieve their goals, get your children to write them down. Make a list of goals where they can see them and be reminded of them.  You could also choose to make a poster with some positive affirmations included to give children some inspiration and motivation. This will help to remind them of their goals and help give them some confidence to reach them.

As the year moves on, go back to the list/poster and talk about the progress children are making towards their goals. What have they done so far to reach their goals? Has it been successful or do they need to tweak their goal setting or perhaps work a little harder or be more focused?  What have they learned as part of the process?  These are all valuable questions and it’s good to reflect as our knowledge and life experience grows.  It all helps to develop a positive mindset that they can take into adulthood with them.

Has your child set any goals or New Year resolutions for 2020? I’d love to hear more – please leave a comment below or via my social media channels.

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If you would like your child to get into the habit of setting goals perhaps a one off coaching session could help. Give me a call on 07961312749.