Child looking frustratedWe all know how it feels to be frustrated. We are faced with a task that is taking longer than we had hoped  or we want something to happen right now but the other people we are relying on are just not ready.  We get frustrated. So do our children. Some children get frustrated over the little things like not being able to tie their laces or not getting the attention of mum or dad – RIGHT NOW. Others can keep it under control – seem to be more understanding, more patient – and very rarely get rattled. A frustrated child will change the situation into a big drama, will want you to solve or fix it so that they can walk away or give up on the thing that is pushing their buttons. They will often get more emotional the more you encourage them to get on and will blame you for their struggle. You don’t deserve it so how can you help them.

Tips On Helping A Frustrated Child

You can lower the drama by not getting involved  until they have calmed down. Walk away and do something else instead. They may continue to shout but they will realise it is not getting them anywhere.

You can be mindful of what you are modelling. What is your child seeing when you encounter  challenges or tough situations? Are you calm or do you react with lots of drama? Do you get easily frustrated with your children or your work? If you react in a frustrated manner then so will they. Something to think about. What can you do differently?

When they are calmer and understand that you will not help them when they act this way, go back to the ‘frustrating’ thing and get them to complete it even if that means you sitting with them whilst they do it. You can talk through the frustration, empathise with them and view the frustration from their perspective.

Don’t fix the issue for them as that is what they want you to do. Work together otherwise they will not learn the skills they need to have to alleviate the frustration.

How do you deal with your frustrated child?

If you would like some help with your children whether they are frustrated or they feel they cannot regulate their emotions please get in touch.


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