Happy Hormones Happy ChildrenWe all want to be happy don’t we? Happy is such a wonderful feeling and when we feel happy we get on better with the people around us, smile more and have a positive attitude. I love being happy and used to think that I just was.

What I did not know was that there is a ‘happy hormone’ called Serotonin that is responsible and we can increase it by doing certain things. We can help ourselves be happy but we can also help our children to be happy too.

  • Help your child to choose to think positive thoughts rather than negative ones. When they do they will increase their serotonin level.
  • Get your children to run around and do some exercise as serotonin is released when they do physical activities.
  • Get them out in the sunshine at every opportunity. When the sun sees skin vitamin D is produced and it produces serotonin. We know that people are always happier when the sun shines.

So next time your children are in a bad mood (just because i.e. you know they are being grumpy and are not wrestling with a problem or are ill, hungry or tired) work together to get them into a more positive mindset and get them out in the garden running around. Their mood should hopefully change.


Image courtesy of stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.net