Be happy with your nickname

Our children do not have to be unhappy with the way that other children talk to them or treat them. They can’t change how others behave but they do have a choice about how they react to it. They can walk away or they can say something in the hope that it will stop. However, what do they do when it is their friends saying something to them that they don’t like? Particularly if they are being called a nickname that they don’t like. 


I think so, as this is the name that they may be called throughout their time at secnodary school. In the past 17 years as a life coach for children, I have had several children tell me that they are not happy with the nickname that their friends have given them. The nickname has made them feel sad/annoyed/frustrated because they did not think it represented them or they thought it was derogatory.

Most nicknames are given because of a personality trait or the way that a child looks. Much of the time they aren’t kind names or particularly endearing. If your child is unhappy with what they are being called they can change it by saying to their friends, ‘You know what, I have thought of a better nickname. I’d prefer you called me ….’. It’s not such a big deal for them to change it and actually the new nickname may suit them much better. True friends will listen and change it. If they’re not willing to change, perhaps they aren’t really a true friend and your child should bear this is in mind. 


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